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In about three weeks we are going to welcome you in Zagreb and we are very much looking forward to it. In order to make all the necessary arrangements for the symposium and make your stay as comfortable and as fruitful as possible, we would like to ask you to fill the checklist (right mouse click and "Save Target As...) in the attachment and send it back to  as soon as possible and not later than April 28. Please fill all the required fields and put simple yes or no where there is a question or an option, like for example the field: I would like to have diner at Hotel Panorama * __yes___

It is essential you fill the fields with required equipment.

If you dont have Microsoft Word installed in your computer you can use the checklist at the bottom of the message, and if you use Apple Mackintosh you can download the checklist at:

You can also print it out and send it by fax to: ++385 1 3822 195.

We would also like to remind you to register to the Symposium Mailing List at:,

and the Sign Language & Deaf Culture Symposium Web Forum at:

Finally, if you have any question or need any assistance let as know!

Fr. Jeronim Ban, SJ
Member of the Organizing Committee

Download the checklist here (right mouse click and "Save Target As...) of copy below.


Asterisk (*) indicates REQUIRED fields

Name and surname: *



Title of presentation *

Equipment Needed
Slide projector ______________
Overhead projector ______________
Video recorder (VHS) __________
LCD projector ________________
Computer _________________

Ill be staying at Hotel Panorama in a*
1) Single room _____________
Double room ____________

2) From _______ - till _______ (date)

I would like to have lunch and diner at Hotel Panorama *

I would like to have diner at Hotel Panorama *

I am a vegetarian (please check only if you dine at Hotel Panorama) *

I want to attend the gala dinner *

Thank you!

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