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Directions For Preparing Presentations

We kindly ask you to take into consideration the requests of simultaneous interpreting when preparing your presentations (form and duration).

Oral presentations:
Oral presentations can last 20 minutes at the most.

Poster presentations:
You will have 220x100cm large boards at your disposal.

Workshop can last 60 minutes at the most.

Directions for Writing and Sending Papers

Papers should be sent by E-mail to the following address:, specifying paper in the subject line, or by mail (in two written copies as well as on a floppy disk 3.5'') to the following address:

Za simpozij "Znakovni jezik i kultura gluhih"
Edukacijsko-rehabilitacijski fakultet
Kušlanova 59a, 10 000 Zagreb

The papers will be published in the Proceedings of the Symposium.

We kindly ask you to respect the following requests:

Papers should not exceed 5 numbered pages format A4 with 3cm margins , single spacing, font Times New Roman size 12 . The paper should contain: first and last name of author(s) and coauthor(s) and the title.

References should be listed in alphabetical order. They should be cited as follows: author's family (last) name, initial of first name, year of publishing, title, magazine, number, page number. If your references are books, please quote them in the following way: author's family(last) name, initial of first name, the year in which the book was published, title of book, publisher.
Papers can be submitted in Croatian or English language.

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