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"Croatian  Language Program Finalists in Equal Access"

Croatian Sign Language on the Internet

The project promotes a cultural view of deaf people, bilingual schools, professional interpreter services and linguistic research into Croatian Sign Language. It brings together professionals and deaf people interested in solving the difficult situation for the education of deaf people in Croatia
It is a valuable information source for parents of deaf children with more than 400 terms in a sign language dictionary and more than 300 pages on topics such as education, the culture of deaf persons and cochlear implants. It promotes a more positive attitude to sign language and deaf culture.
The project has reached its short term goal of demonstrating computers, multimedia and the Internet in education for deaf people. Further goals include using video clips, creating a more interactive dictionary and standardising the sign language in Croatia where there is intolerance of and low self-esteem among deaf people who cannot communicate on a satisfactory level with the hearing majority.

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