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Symposium will be organized around several themes. Below each theme is a list of topics suggested for presentation proposals. However, proposals are not limited to these topics.

Sign language linguistics

  • psycholinguistics, developmental psycholinguistics

  • sociolinguistics

  • neurolinguistics

  • cognitive linguistics.

  • sign language acquisition

  • linguistic structure

  • language acquisition

  • bilingualism

  • discourse analysis

  • psycholinguistics

  • research methodology

  • tactile sign language

  • crosslinguistic research

Deaf Culture, history and human rights

  • Deaf identity

  • cultural and language diversity and identity

  • values and customs in Deaf communities

  • folklore and storytelling

  • the changes in attitudes toward Deaf people

  • minority cultures within the Deaf community

  • human rights and Deaf populations

  • comparative studies of Deaf and hearing populations

  • the status of Deaf people in developing countries

Education of deaf children and youths

  • the past, present, and future of deaf education

  • curriculum issues for deaf students

  • bilingual-bicultural education

  • technology and the education of deaf people

  • cultural diversity in the Deaf education

  • educational setting options for deaf students

  • inclusion

Mental Health, counseling and psychotherapy

  • accessing mental health services

  • the future of mental health services by/for deaf people

  • culturally affirmative counseling and psychotherapy

Interpreting services and training

  • curriculum models for teaching sign language

  • research of sign language learning

  • evaluating sign language

  • sign language proficiency assessment

  • effective training programs for interpreters

  • the role of interpreters in developing countries

Experiences and needs of the Deafblind

  • education of the Deafblind


Important - Deadlines

October 1, 2000 - preregistration

December 1, 2000 - abstracts submission

February 1, 2001 - registration





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